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STEM Hexagon Learning Project

By Laura Rice, Hannah H. Scherer, Hui-Hui Wang and Sue Gregory

Engaging college students in educational experiences that allow for contextual learning and real-life application will always be critical in their development as professionals. There is a global urgency for individuals...

Evaluating Exoskeletons for Farm Use

By Catherine Trask and Ornwipa Thamsuwan

The Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture’s Ergonomics Laboratory is conducting a research project to find out if an exoskeleton with torsional springs can take a load off the farmers.

AgrAbility and HARVEST: Innovating to Promote Wellness and Viability for Virginia Agriculture

By Garland Mason

Through a collaboration with HARVEST, Virginia’s AgrAbility program has taken the opportunity to be a leader in promoting research on the use of exoskeletons as an assistive technology for farmers. 

The Physically-Enhanced Farmer: Developing Exoskeletons for Use in Agriculture

By Satyajit Upasani and Roberto Franco

HARVEST researchers at Virginia Tech - Leonessa, Niewolny and Srinivasan, are currently heading a multi-million-dollar project titled “Affordable Flexible Robotics to Aid Farmers with Mobility Limitations” that aims to develop novel assistive technology for farmers.

Using Blockchain to Create Demand for Nutritious Foods through Social Networks in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

By Jessica Agnew

BCT has numerous applications for increasing the transparency of agri-food value chains, improving product quality, food integrity and safety, and information transfer, and reducing fraud, logistic challenges, and environmental impacts.

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